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Xynexis supports major industries and agencies to secure their IT Systems

Businesses and government agencies are increasingly reliant on interconnected systems to offer best services for their stakeholders


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry is one of the main industry in Indonesia and one of the main contributor to national welfare and State Income. This explains the extend and reach of this industry, which covers from upstream to down-stream processes involving thousands of processes and thousands of workers. This industry involve trillions of rupiah involving millions of customers.

Maintaining and improving security assurance and risk management for such broad-operation companies is unique difficult task, especially considering the geographic distribution and location, and diverse processes.

The companies are facing risk of security breach for data, cyber and email risks and thread, industry-specific threats, espionage, and business competitiveness threads.

It’s a complex task that requires an in-depth understanding of the industry, and the expertise to deliver key services and advice to clients in this sector. Xynexis deliver the following relevant services to address these threats:


Government & NGOs


Financial Services