Application Security Assessment

In recent years, organizations are increasingly reliant upon interconnected information technology systems that are accessible to larger audience to provide better service for their stakeholders. However, web applications are exposed to more risks, such as intrusion, cyber attacks, fraud attempts and other illegal activities, as they are freely available at all time.

What is a Application Security Assessment?

Xynexis’ application security Assessment helps your organization to gauge current controls over your web applications, to compare current practice to best practices, and to understand your web application’s security posture.

How does Application Security Assessment work?

Our assessment reports present security weaknesses in your applications and our recommendations in clear, concise, easy-to-understand language. You will be able to use these reports as basis to take remedial actions with minimal efforts.

The 4 Steps of a Successful
Application Security Assessment Model


Determine the critical data that is transferred between the client or user and the server.


Assess a possible way in which data can be breached, either through user interface, internal, or external actions.


Test for security weaknesses and suggest actions to mitigate such risks.


Implement strategies and tools to mitigate threats and patch security weaknesses based on the assessments.

What Problems Xynexis Can Solve

Applications can pose more risk to both users and the organization due to their widespread use. Therefore, application security must be thoroughly assessed, both as a product as well as the window to the company database.

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