IT Security Risk Assessments

Security is like a chain; it is only as strong as the weakest link. Xynexis’ IT Security Risk Assessments examine and identify the weak links in your system so your organization can take appropriate action in defending internal and external threats in most cost-effective matter possible. The result is a comprehensive view of your overall IT security risk posture so that you can protect your assets and ensure the continuity of your business.

As threats change over time, it is essential for any organization to reassess risks and reconsider the effectiveness of the current policies and systems implemented on regular basis.

What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A security risk assessment identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in systems. A risk assessment allows an organization to view the cyber asset from an attacker's point of view.

Conducting an assessment is a crucial part of an organization’s risk management process and should never be left out of discussion.

How does a Security Risk Assessment work?

Company size, growth rate, resources, and asset portfolio affect the depth of risk assessment models. Detailed mapping of assets and access points allow organizations to prioritize which assets must receive the highest protection.

The 4 Steps of a Successful
Security Risk Assessment Model


Determine all critical assets of the technology infrastructure.


Administer an approach to assess the identified security risks for critical assets.


Define a mitigation approach and enforce security controls for each risk.


Implement tools and processes to minimize threats and vulnerabilities from occurring in your firm’s resources.

What Problems Xynexis Can Solve

We create risk profiles for each asset, including their impact on revenue, reputation and the likelihood of exploitation. This is the most important step at the beginning, so that we can execute plans more effectively, tailoring these to your organization's needs.

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