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Ideal for organisations in infant stage of compliance

Our blended advisory services for in-house engagement includes a combination of training for the data protection governance committee and service implementation, delivered together with professional advisory services (including legal guidance), and integrated data protection management software (DPOinBOX).

Advisory & Service Implementation

  • Compliance Assessment - Address and document your organisation's PDP Law (PDPL) compliance risks.
  • Data Inventory - Address and document your organisation's data inventory risks.
  • Data Mapping - Address and document your organisation's business process risks.
  • Onsite Audit - Assistance provided to conduct of an on-site audit of physical risks.
  • Risk Register - Identify and document the Client’s top 5 (five) to 10 (ten) inherent risks (with related   treatments and controls) relating to processing ofpersonal data together with related treatments and controls.
  • Policies/Procedures - Prepare and deliver a draft compendium of standard data protection policies (“Standard DP Policies”) and, where applicable, standard operating procedures for your organisation's review.
  • Incident Management): Document an incident management report through the DPOinBOX Breach Incident  Management module.
  • Competency Assessment - Administer an online competency assessment of PDP Law (PDPL) through DPOinBOX by for your organisation's participants.
  • Compliance Manual and Consultant’s Report - Present a compliance manual and a consultant’s report with recommendations and next steps for your organisation's follow-up action and consideration.
  • Staff Briefing - A single 1 to 2-hour briefing to your organisation on your organisation's data protection policies.

Compliance Management


Identify the current status or level of compliance in order to build upon the existing framework.


Assess whether the existing framework is compatible with the latest best practices that are to be implemented.


Control processes of obtaining full compliance to various international standards.


Revise and audit the new and compliant frameworks.

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Tightening regulations can suddenly disallow a business to operate. Ensure that your organization adheres to the latest requirements and obtain the most relevant certifications.

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