Compliance & Certification

Xynexis’ Compliance and Certification services provide comprehensive evaluation of your information system security features, both technical and non-technical, to contribute to your compliance with industry regulations and to support you meeting accreditation requirements.

Xynexis Compliance and Certification service provide assistance and guidance to companies in their attempt to implement IT Security standards such as ISO 27001. and PCI DSS. Xynexis also provide review of existing implementation and future improvements.

Our experts work with you to:

  • Document the controls you have in place and identify those you need.
  • Ensure that your policies and procedures align with best practices.
  • Make your best practices more visible to examiners as evidence.

How does Compliance & Certification work?

We review the scope of the current implementation. Most companies have already established a level of security and do not need to start from nothing. As a cyber security consultant, we work with what your organization has and what it lacks. We provide a Gap Analysis and Remediation Recommendations in order to proceed with the next stage of work.

Compliance Management


Identify the current status or level of compliance in order to build upon the existing framework.


Assess whether the existing framework is compatible with the latest best practices that are to be implemented.


Control processes of obtaining full compliance to various international standards.


Revise and audit the new and compliant frameworks.

What Problems Xynexis Can Solve

Tightening regulations can suddenly disallow a business to operate. Ensure that your organization adheres to the latest requirements and obtain the most relevant certifications.

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