Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Planning

IT systems have become integral and critical part of many business operations, so the disruption or unavailability of IT services after disaster may affect the organization’s business continuity and causes material and immaterial loss.

Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Planning

Xynexis’ business continuity management & disaster recovery planning review services can help you build a sound plan and solid execution innitiatives to allow your organization to continue business operation during unforeseen events.

Our specialists will work with you to assess, design, develop, deploy, educate and support your organizations security and privacy initiative.

How does a Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Planning Reviews work?

Our reports highlight the strengths and vulnerabilities of organization’s current system and processes, identify and source root causes, and design as well as develop a custom architecture that will reduce your risks and increase your business resilience.

The 4 Steps of a Successful
Business Continuity Assessment Model


Identify data assets that are essential to the continuity of the business.


Assess the existing system of backups and secure cloud storage, as well as the security protocols to access them.


Define a strategy to ensure that essential data is still accessible after a breach takes place.


Implement technologies and protocols to ensure that data lost can be restored.

What Problems Xynexis Can Solve

An attack is not a one-time event. An important question that needs to be addressed is: What happens after an attack? Can the business recover quickly? These are questions that we ask to ensure Business Continuity after an unexpected disturbance, particularly in the cyber space.

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