This Is What Your Cyber Security Team Should Look Like

At the turn of the second decade, more and more businesses are turning to cyberspace to improve processes and communications. Even the humble coffee shop industry has been taking advantage of application development to overcome marketing barriers in this ultra-competitive market.

With this undeniable change come new threats as well— cyber criminals. They affect tens of thousands of businesses every year, inflicting some hefty losses. To face the inevitable Fourth Industrial Revolution, your organization must take cyber security seriously.

Your cyber security team should look like an anti-crime taskforce that not only reacts to a breach, but also works to prevent one from occurring. Here are the crucial positions:


1. Cyber Security Strategist

The cyber security strategist is the bridge between the business world and the IT security world. This person is especially important at the early stage of IT governance establishment, where cyber strategy and business strategy must align with one another. This person is tasked to prepare the most efficient business architecture for secure operations in the long term.


2. Cyber Compliance Specialist

Stringent regulations are not easy to comply with, especially if the organization lacks a specialist who understands how an auditor thinks and what one expects. Cyber security certifications are some of the most difficult and rigorous processes in business, and that is for excellent reasons. For example, for an e-commerce application development, a minimum compliance of PCI DSS is required for the app to legally operate in some jurisdictions.


3. Penetration tester or white-hat hacker

Penetration testers use cyber crime thinking and techniques to simulate attacks on systems in order to give assurance that security functions as intended. This person understands a wide range of security architecture and protocols as well as their known weaknesses and exploits.


4. Security incident managers

The people above are often involved at the transformative stages in business, where new developments are being prepared for stable operations in the long term. The day to day management for cyber security is handled by security incident managers who monitor breach attempts and maintain security protocols.

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