Why Security Operations Centre (SOC) Is Essential To Your Business

Security Operations Center or SOC usually consists of a team of specialists dedicated to detect, respond and prevent cyber security threats from various infrastructure systems in an organization. You can think of it as a security control point where all events from various security components are being processed in a centralized platform.


Why not decentralize security operations?

While it’s true that redundant backup systems should be put in place in each location or point in the network of an organization, it is not necessarily true for security operations. Cyber security can be resource-hungry, and a security operation management that is not unified will likely to fail due to human error.

Most organizations are likely to place a security operation center that can remotely manage IT infrastructures because IT systems do not exist in one location, but on a widespread network. Rather than expending resources to create multiple security operations control points at every location within the network (it is unlikely to ever cover all points in the network), a dedicated operation center will suffice.


Outsourcing a trusted external Security Operations Center

Regulatory standards such as PBI/OJK, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, and SOX 404 are always in constant development, as cyber security threats become more elaborate and surprising. Your internal IT team may already have so much responsibility to maintain the security and usability of your product-based applications.

Demanding more IT resources to stay updated with regulations and ensuring proper audit for compliance will drain resources away from your own revenue generator — your products. As a result, hiring a specialist will likely be the solution. Otherwise, it is the task of a trusted external Security Operations Center to respond to cyber security threats to your system.


Managed Security Services

At Xynexis, you can find an array of managed security services that are designed to alleviate the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of information security operation in large enterprises. Our services are SLA-bound, accountable, and transparent.

By outsourcing a Security Operations Center, you free your internal security team to focus on the most important job — the revenue-generating products and services system.

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